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“Great melodies, great songs, great storytelling, and great musicianship all come to mind when I think about Adam Monaco... but these descriptions barely scratch the surface. Adam’s songs will stay with you for days, deepening their impression on you. They just feel great! Adam lives what he writes and writes what he lives, allowing him to deeply connect with those he plays for and alongside of. We need more people like Adam on this planet.”

- Trevor Gordon Hall 

“Folk with feels.”

- Odd Nugget

A Philadelphia-based songwriter, musician, and entrepreneur, Adam Monaco performs for audiences all over the country.


From sharing the stage at large venues with the likes of Blondie, to connecting with people over coffee at a house concert, Adam touches the hearts of many with his heartfelt tunes and the warm authenticity that he brings to every show, big or small.


Adam spends much of his time traveling and performing solo. He is also a member of the 4-piece Americana/Folk band, Under the Oak.