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“Adam lives what he writes and writes what he lives, allowing him to deeply connect with those he plays for and alongside of.”


The words of Trevor Gordon Hall, internationally acclaimed guitarist and close friend of singer-songwriter, Adam Monaco, will certainly ring true with anyone who has experienced Adam’s thoughtful songwriting firsthand.

His music is lush and colorfully melodic. Lyrically, his work is personal, deep, sometimes funny, but often evocative. His is a performance that resonates so authentically with listeners that it’s not unusual to find a handful of people in tears before Adam lifts the audience back up with some friendly commentary or well-placed comedic relief.

"Adam makes songs for the human spirit."


“I’ve devoted my whole life to music. This is what I want to do. It’s how I relate with people and connect”, he says while reflecting on his choice to honor the creative path that seems etched into his very DNA. 


Any music lover in the Philadelphia region has likely come within six degrees of Adam’s contributions to the local music scene. He’s invested countless hours in supporting area musicians via his work with non-profits, hosting open mics, writing and performing with several groups, and doing session work with local Grammy-winning producer, Joe Nicolo.


While deep in this whirlwind of investing his creative energy into a multitude of projects, namely ones whose focus was to help others pursue their dreams, Adam, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist himself, did not immediately notice that his own expression as a creative artist had been nearly extinguished over the years. It took a series of life-altering events to spur a move out of the shadows and onto a fresh path. 


"One of sharing his own voice."


The first measurable shift came with the formation of his folk band, Under the Oak, a four-piece collaboration with fellow Philly-based artists Maggie Pope, Chris Peace, and Peter Oswald.  

Stories of transformation, bliss, and heartache would soon follow. Meeting his future wife, Cate. The sudden and devastating loss of his father. It was a shift in his personal world that made ignoring his need for creative expression an impossible task.


And so the cathartic, purposeful work began - that of nurturing his own growth as a songwriter and preparing his debut solo offering, which is now set for release in early 2022.


Favoring the same heartfelt Folk and nostalgic Americana aesthetic that lays the foundation for the sound of the full band, his solo work is set to shine on its own by adding additional space to explore moody instrumental arrangements and incorporating more deeply resonating echoes of the personal journey that has shaped his current identity as an artist.


"He lives what he writes and writes what he lives."


Listeners don’t hear Adam’s songs - they feel them. They relate. Knowing that they, too, are a part of his story. And he, in turn… he is a part of theirs.


Adam connects most deeply within the humble world of house concerts, even though he has logged plenty of time in larger venues, sharing the stage with the likes of Blondie, The Wailers, and bluegrass phenom Michael Daves.


“Playing music in people’s homes…. it’s about community. When I play music, I’m playing to offer something to people - to bring hope or joy or love into their lives.”, he says. “There’s this collective of people that you’ve had this relationship with and they’re all a part of it with you.”

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